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Мои ученики

Предлагаю послушать, как говорят мои ученики на English.

Викуся, 11 лет:

 Ира, уровень Elementary (бизнес-курс): 

Юрий, 24 года, уровень - Upper-Intermediate:

Весело празднуем Хелоуин c моими учениками )))


Ученица Катя, после прохождения моих курсов, уехала в Малайзию, нашла там хорошую работу и выполнила эту презентацию местных фруктов и овощей.
Это ярко и запомнится хорошо, что пополнит ваш жизненно необходимый словарный запас.

Смотрите файл презентации "Fruit and Vegetables.pptx" по ссылке goo.gl/HVVUi

Мои ученики пишут стихи, на английском )))

Наталия, 30 лет. уровень - Intermediate:

Happy birthday.
When you were born your mother was happy
Because she had a nice little baby,
Who’s grown such beautiful and clever,
I wish you to be happy forever.

I wish you to have the devoted friends
Who will always give you their helping hands.
And let your eyes always shine from happiness
When your wonderful smile appears on your face.

I wish you to travel around the world
To find a family friendly and strong.
Only you have to create your life as you want
And you’ll understand you can reign the world.

Наталия, 32 лет. уровень - Intermediate:

One day, in winter strong white blizzard
Made snowflakes head turn with dancing
And from that time on we have a reason
To wish you «Let's come true all your fancies!»

Because we say happy birthday to you!
We are all pleased to meet you, honey,
We wish you to have a lot of friends,
That's why the friendship's more important than money.

We wish you to love and to be loved,
And to feel yourself lucky and happy,
If you're in a good mood,rejoice and laugh,
All problems will vanish and don?t be afraid.

Today's your Birthday, put away sorrows,
Go ahead and don't turn back,
Build your future, think about tomorrow,
And you'll never melt like a beautiful snowflake.

Ученица Cофийка, 6 лет - показывает свое домашнее задание.

Мои ученики, также пишут сочинения !!
Мой ученик, Ирина, 24 года.

                                                    My perfect home!

    I have a big dream to build a perfect home. I imagine all details of interior of my future home. So lets imagine it with me.
    You see not big but not small house with red roof. There aren`t any stone walls around the house, only small trees like green fence. There`re some plants and there`s an arbour in the garden too. So I invite you inside.
    We come to a light living room with big window as a glass wall from floor to ceiling. There`re light curtains on the window. There`s a big fireplace with stone decoration and big soft and white (it`s important!) rug near the fireplace. The rug has to be very soft and legs have to falling into it. I want to have three white things in my future home. They`re a white cat, a white dog and a white rug. So my dreams is setting with my future husband before the fireplace with a red wine glass and read books each other during long winter evenings. There`re some book-boards with a classic literature and there`s a wood floor in the living-room also.
    A perfect home has to have a personal cabinet for writing work. It`s a light room with free area and with modern stereo-system for listening to relax music.
   There`re a big bedroom in light colors like milk with wood light furniture. In the middle of the bedroom is big bed with four colons decorate white fabric. There`re some light-pink pictures on the wall under the bed.
    And what about kitchen? I don`t like cooking, but I think, my habits will be changed and I`ll cook for lovely people lived with me with pleasure. So I need big kitchen for cooker experiments and modern technics: blander, kitchen combine, two fridges, dishwasher and other. There`re two big tables in the kitchen: one`s from glass for having dinner, another`s from wood for cooking.
   There`re all the sings in the perfect home are very natural: from wood, wool and other natural materials. There`re a lot of plants in all rooms.
   I think my dreams come true and I`ll be lucky in this house!


А это стих на английском, ученицы Ирины, 23 года, тема - Наречия.
Уровень: Pre-Intermediate.

Rabbit’s year

One rabbit lived in the forest,
He jumped very slowly,
It was long winter, not the best,
And all were very sadly.

He walked and walked, he jumped and jumped,
He sang his song so tragically.
He thought that winter’s very sad
And he has to change it urgently.

But once all changed!
It happened very suddenly.
He met a rabbit woman – Bet.
She looked at him so lovingly.

They kissed and hugged and jumped here
The Rabbit’s Year was near.. near…

Мои ученики пишут стихи на English.

Илья, 8 лет:

I like bananas.
They are yellow and sweet.
I love bananas.
Yum-yum bananas.

Викуся, 11 лет:

I like cherries.
That falling down from the tree.
I don't want to merry.
If I have a lot of cherries.

Запоминаем название морепродуктов с этой яркой и вкусной презентацией, которую сделала ученица Тоня, 24 года.
Уровень владения English: Elementary (Элементарный).

Смотрите файл презентации "Sea_food.ppt" по ссылке goo.gl/UYoys

Учим одежду с учениками, Оля, 20 лет;
Уровень владения English: Beginner.

Мои ученики творчески подходят к решению своих заданий !!
Ученица Настя, 11 лет. Моя работа.
Ученица Aliera, 8 лет. Мой день. Ученица Катя. Планетарий.
Ученица Катя, 8 лет. Ученик Кирил, 12 лет.
Ресторанное меню.


Презентация "Cairo museum" сделанная моим учеником Sasha Vishnevskiy.

Смотрите файл презентации "Cairo museum.pptx" по ссылке goo.gl/yuQN9


А это мой стих:

Every day is a new ache
But it always something break
Old and dusty, wrong.
But this process makes me strong.

It purifies my universe.
Through pain I live and breathe.
Enrich my heart with light.
To make a stranger’s soul bright.